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Live "Message to Earth" Live "Message to Earth"

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nice, but since this is just talking and focused on the face, you should work on Lip sync.

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Flappy Girl (Demo) Flappy Girl (Demo)

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I think the main problem over here is the "flappy" factor, actually.
Everyone is more than sick of seeing more and more copies and edits of it everywhere. I honestly wouldn't even compare it to flappy bird if it wasn't for the scoring and menus.
This game works very differently: It has stages, enemies, platforms, music, and even a small, but a bit poor, storyline. It's really a whole different setting and feeling. Why don't you try replacing the "flappy" style with something of your own?

I don't agree with people that this is a lost cause, I'd recommend working a bit on the graphics.
The enemies reminds me a bit too much of Adventures of Lolo, their sprites look a bit overly detailed in comparison to the rest of the tiles, and the stage in general just feels a little "empty".
There is also a little bug and a typo: If you play, quit game, and select a stage to play again, your score from your last game does not reset. The typo: It's written 'Retray' instead of 'Retry'. (The storyline also plays every time you select stage 1, but I don't know if that is intended behavior.)
The gameplay in general is not bad. felt kind of laggy for some reason.

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The Chalice of Marfa The Chalice of Marfa

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty damn awesome for your first game.
two things that really bothers me though... one that "layton" is a tag, other than "puzzle", and the fact that i have to miss a puzzle's answer on purpose in order to get a medal...

BoobMarley responds:

Games aren't about medals, pal, and they're especially not about ones Yomiel thinks she deserves for clicking on a few things.
Secondly, if you don't think a puzzle game inspired by Professor Layton merits being tagged with "Layton", go make your own. :)

Angry House Escape Angry House Escape

Rated 2 / 5 stars

You're supposed to write controls and tutorials in "instructions", you know. Also, a puzzle may be obvious to the creator, but not so much to the player. What hint do we have for putting bulldog teeth onto a minotaur? How are we supposed to know that you have to offer fruits for statues to give you keys? To make it worse, you can't give any fruit to any statues! Trial and error is NOT a good way of making games like these.
Too little hints and can't examine items.

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